Dissertation Ideas & Suggestions

Dissertation ideas are not always easy to generate. Your dissertation topic has to meet several criteria to be accepted by your dissertation’s supervisor. In particular, good dissertation ideas should be:

  1. Relevant to your major. Otherwise, your dissertation will not contribute either to your academic record or to your professional career.
  2. Researchable. You should be able to conduct research on the chosen topic. Otherwise, you will have limited number of sources to support your ideas.
  3. Manageable. You should choose the topic that can be covered in your dissertation. A good topic is neither too broad nor to narrow.
  4. Innovative. It is not reasonable to write a dissertation on the topic that has been already covered by multiple studies. Your dissertation should bring something new to the field of your study.
  5. Interesting. You do not want to get bored writing your dissertation, do you? Therefore, your topic should be contemporary and interesting enough to trigger your motivation to achieve outstanding results in dissertation writing.

Dissertation ideas can be gathered from a variety of sources. For example, you may re-read your textbook, highlighting areas that are of interest to you. You should read relevant empirical articles and publications pertaining to your field of study. It is a great idea to talk to your dissertation supervisor as well. Alternatively, you may collaborate with our dissertation writers, who will definitely help you with appropriate topic choice as well as the entire writing process.

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